Friday, 31 July 2009

And one last thing...

I am a bit worried that I'm being too laid back about the whole going jumping on an airplane thing. Every other time I've holidayed overseas I've had official looking tickets, guidebooks and itineraries. 12 hours before I leave I've only got a couple of print outs, some Google Maps pages and a vague notion of places we want to visit. I'm terrified that we'll get to America and discover they all speak Korean or some other vital piece of info that we've somehow missed due to a lack of background planning.

Where possible I’ll be blogging from the road so check back here over the coming month to follow our tales of getting into a “Who you looking at?!” fight with Jimmy "The Guppy" Whale, having to evade the Mounties over a Maple Syrup misunderstanding (thanks Anna!) and saving the Queen from Voldermort’s plot to replace her with enchanted House Elf.*

Be seeing you.

*Disclaimer: Trip reports may not actually follow the plot of Sopranos/Due South/Harry Potter fan fic. More likely to contain pictures of funny signs, descriptions of meals I’ve eaten and complaints about how North America isn’t actually like it is in the movies.

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