Thursday, 19 February 2009

Not exactly Mavis Beacon

I dislocated the ring and little fingers on my left hand playing soccer/football four weeks ago. As you can see from the shots below, the fingers weren't just a little bit out of place - they were effectively the ribs of an umbrella caught in a gale.

Up until yesterday, after the all clear from a hand specialist, the two fingers were strapped together. This protected the fingers but has caused stiffness in my knuckles. Since they removed the bandages, I've been given couple of exercises to do in order to regain the mobility in my hand. One involves making a fist (well as much of a fist as I can with the munted digits) and then extending my fingers. Repeat.

I'm supposed to do this every hour but as I'm sitting at my desk most of the day, I tend to forget. The times I do remember are when I'm on the way to meetings, wander to the kitchen or go and get something off the printer. In other words, as I move around the building I'm walking about with my left hand in front of me doing power-crunches as if I think I'm holding an invisible stress ball. So now not only do I have a seriously reduced typing speed, people are getting the impression that my hand has been possessed by the spirit of an anemone. I can't imagine that either is going to have a positive effect on my workplace prospects.

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Barney said...

That must have hurt... Alot! I bet you said a bad word when it happened.