Wednesday, 5 November 2008


CNN is going projection-happy, apparently getting over the shyness people expected of them after historical up-fucks. Polls are closeding in the East at a fair pace, and CNN is colouring their Big Map like a kindergartner.

Obama: 77, McCain: 34.

I'd post you a photo, but George took his camera to lunch with him.

Guest-blogged by Phil.

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Anonymous said...

The big CNN map is brilliant... Loving the radioactive green highlighter as well. If you want good mess ups check out BBC's coverage. Massive quiet gaps when the votes haven't come in on time, mass predictions giving Obama 103 already when less than 5% has been counted in some and finally the shiny touch screen map which the presenter has to hit repeatedly to get it to work... Pure British class..

Hagrid over and out.