Monday, 22 May 2006

Rebel without a hole

I often see teenagers walking to and from school with little tan plasters over their ears. With guys its almost exclusively one on the lobe of the left ear and girls will often have a standard set of pierced ears but then lots of tiny stickers up the side of their ears. It’s obviously done to stay within school regulations about jewelry without allowing the earhole to close over but like the clothes and music you listen to, I’ll bet its more important to have the trappings of rebellion than to have actually rebelled.

I wonder how many cuckoos I see every day? Kids strutting about as if they’re Snoop Dawg because they’ve stuck an elastoplast over both lobes, one eyebrow and their left nipple when the truth is that they faint at the sight of blood and the only thing they’ve got under the tape on their ear is a rash from the daily application and removal of the bandaids.

KiwiBerry Update - I went to the supermarket today and the KiwiBerries had gone! Either there was such a demand after the review I gave them on Reality Splinter that they have become too lucrative for normal food stores and can now only be found in the hyper-exclusive Japanese markets where they can be found selling for thousands of Yen along with square watermelons and transparent apples. Or I was the only one who ate them and you'll find them on internet lists of the Top Ten Biggest Business Disasters along side Betamax and the Sinclair C5.

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