Friday, 7 April 2006

Things I did as a kid #2

As well as I can remember, every Saturday afternoon growing up in Eastbourne consisted of going to garage sales with Mum. I would sifting through puzzles with one piece missing and old golf clubs looking for something to take home with me. Its where I got an Optimus Prime with the arms snapped off and a set of Uno card that smelt faintly of nutmeg. And it is at these garage sales that I imagine we picked up about half a dozen ‘Solid Gold Hits’ records.

I vaguely remember the TV show Solid Gold as a knockoff Top of the Pops with musicians performing their songs accompanied by the Solid Gold Dancers. I’m guessing here, but I think the LPs Mum found must have been compellation albums of the songs that appeared on the show as one on the tracks on one of the albums was the theme from The Greatest American Hero.

I remember cueing up the record, sitting on a stool and lip-synching ‘Believe It or Not’ into a banana. In my head I was giving the performance of a lifetime. In actual fact I was most probably the 80s version on the Numa Numa Guy.

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