Monday, 27 March 2006

Steve Bracks owes me an hour

Robyn turned the computer on today around lunchtime and said something along the lines of "What time is it?"; I don't wear a watch - the strap on my watch broke sometime in early 2003 and as we were living in Russell at the time I couldn't find a replacement strap that I liked. I will wear a watch again at some point but I'm fine without one right now – so I checked the video and then remembered that Robs had said something earlier in the week about daylight saving kicking in today. The computer clock had gone back an hour and the calendar said it occurred today so I went around the house and altered the time on the VCR, cell-phones, alarm clocks…all the while trying to decide whether to use my bonus hour to watch another episode of Deadwood or trim back the bougainvillea like I had been meaning to for about three weeks now.

Later, Robyn got a phone call from Neil (her friend and co-investigator on a research project she's working on) to ask what the time was as they were supposed to catch up for a coffee at 3:30 and he couldn't work out whether it was currently ten-to-four or ten-to-three. Robyn felt like a coffee regardless of the time so she went down the road to meet Neil for coffee (a place called Pepper, excellent food if you're ever in the area). She got back a while later (at least an hour as I'd watched an episode of Deadwood in the meantime) and had discovered that we were indeed supposed to have put back our clocks an hour but the state of Victoria had decided to delay the implementation of DLS by a week so that it didn’t mess with the Commonwealth Games.

Not only do I feel like I have somehow lost an hour of my weekend but I have also lost the time wasted going around the house adding an hour to the VCR, cell-phones, alarm clocks…

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