Wednesday, 29 March 2006

A slave to the clown

Originally posted 29th March 2006

I was on my way home from work and I got to the station with 12 minutes to kill until my train was due. I was kinda hungry and Robyn is at a training session tonight (for the Eating Disorders clinic she’s going to be volunteering at) until at least 9:30pm so on a whim I had a McDonalds Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

OK it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. I maybe, might have planned to get one last night when I saw an advert for one during Survivor (have a huge man-crush on Jeff Probst FYI). I didn’t have any cash on me so I withdrew $20 from the ATM on the way down to the station displaying premeditation and then showed absolutely no hesitation when I got to the counter.

And yes I regret it now. The bun was too sweet, the burger too small and I have that slightly rancid post-fast food taste in my mouth (I feel like I’ve licked Ronald McDonald’s armpit). I wish I’d just held on and had a crumpet or a piece of fruit when I got home. I don’t think I’ve actually enjoyed something from the menu at McDonalds for at least five years now. The stupidity of it is that I know I’m not going to learn and I’ll be back complaining about a bad Krispy Kreme or a vomit-inducing chicken deluxe burger in a couple of months.

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