Monday, 24 April 2006

My fellow watermelons

So here we are 30 days later and where are we at? As a start, I’ve managed to complete 23 posts. That’s seven less than I was aiming for but to be honest more than I expected when I set out on this communication experiment.

For only a month of service, Reality Splinter is actually fairly developed as far as blogs go. I’ve had 489 non-unique visitors (at time of writing) at an average of 16.86 per day, with 86 of you visiting over the last seven days. Most sites don’t develop a community until they have been established for at least 90 days so we’re way ahead of the curve. Not only do we have a couple of fully-fledged conversations in some of the comments areas but I also have my very own troll. In this case, the prowler has an unfair advantage as he happens to also be my brother but there has been no holding back on the flames. Other tropes of proper blogs are also starting to arise - one post has graffiti placed in it by my lovely Bride and another has been altered to protect the innocent.

So what’s come out of this adventure in text? Firstly, I’ve really enjoyed it. Blogging has exploded my hunger for writing and reminded me of how much I enjoy sitting in front of a blank screen and telling stories. Also, the response I’ve had has been better than I hoped. I’m in touch with some people I let fall off the radar and hopefully it’s helped to reduce the implied space that is an unfortunate physical reality. In fact, I’ve have been chatting with some major players* with regards to merchandising possibilities so don’t be surprised if you receive a signed Reality Splinter T-shirt for Christmas this year.

I’m AFK for the next couple of days so the site will be running quiet but I’ll be back with an (almost) daily dose of ramblings, nostalgia and nonsense before you can say “Kiwiberry.” As I said in my first post, this is a two way street - I have to write it and you have to read it - so drop by if you want, just remember to watch for flying starfish. I hear they can really sting if you get one in the eye.

*Major players of Sega Rally that is

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