Tuesday, 25 December 2007

What’s the best way to attach antlers to a cat’s head?

Thank you to everybody who told me I was old on my birthday. You really know how to make a guy feel like one’s 30th is a day to celebrate rather than a way-point on the long march to the grave.*Media Player*
*Media Player*

(The keyboard I'm typing this on has a whole lot of kwik buttons along the top to open 'Mail', 'My Computer', 'Favorites' etc. and there must be a loose connection somewhere as every time I hit the enter button, 'Media sodding Player' opens.)*Media Player*
*Media Player*

Seriously though, I’m not at all phased. I am older but I fully intend on living until at least 100 (Deathclock has me living until 86 so I figure that I'll get at least another 14 years from medical tech that hasn't been invented yet) so I’m only a shade under a third of the way through. If I was an hour-long police procedural drama, the first red-herring would have just shown up and I wouldn't even be up to the 2nd ad break yet.*Media Player*
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Seeing as I'm here anyway I'll just take this opportunity to extend the very best of Christmas wishes to the small but perfectly formed community of loyal readers that I’m sure only really exists in my mind. Today looks like it should be a good one so I'll sign off now and report back on Pugilistic Wednesday. After that, there’ll be some road trip enforced radio silence but I’ll more than make up for it by not shutting up about it when I get back. I’ve decided playing Guitar Hero is the best way to spread holiday cheer, so I’m off to throw my axe into a couple of verses of “Rock and Roll All Nite”.*Media Player*
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May your day be filled with stuffing, gravy and brandy butter,*Media Player*
G.*Media Player*
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I don’t usually do this but here’s the soundtrack for this blog. I never would have chosen this playlist but sometimes just chucking Winamp on shuffle works really well:*Media Player*
Finley Quaye - Waiting for You*Media Player*
Kooks - Time Awaits*Media Player*
The Killers - Somebody Told Me*Media Player*
The Beta Band - Dry the Rain*Media Player*
White Stripes - I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart*Media Player*

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