Thursday, 15 November 2007


My good friend Aran/Big Gay Al/Wal discovered the miracle of modern chemistry that is Bacon Salt.

He was so impressed with the idea of being able to make everything taste like bacon that he brought 15 jars of this magic dust and was kind enough to send some down to Phil and I. Since then, the three of us have been conducting scientific tests that have taken us right to the limits of culinary knowledge. We have stared into the eyes of the Gods McDonald, Fogle and Sanders and laughed in their faces.

As a public service announcement I present the results of the first round of “Baconated” experiments:

  • Baconated toast - Bad.
  • Baconated corn fritters - Good.
  • Baconated nachos - Also good.
  • Baconated chicken chips - Very bad. These are so much worse than I had imagined
  • Baconated salt and vinegar chips with roasted garlic and onion dip - Good, like spare ribs.
  • Baconated sauerkraut - Beschissenb
  • Baconated baguette - Kinda weird, not really good.
  • Baconated jam - Bad.
  • Baconated mince pie (beef) - Good but salty.
  • Baconated popcorn - Good.
  • Baconated lettuce - Bad.
  • Baconated crab stick sushi - Better than crab stick, but not as good as bacon. I’m going with ‘OK’ on this combo.
  • Baconated coffee – Bad.
  • Baconated cheese scone – Good.
  • Baconated last night’s pizza – Disappointing.
  • Baconated tea – About the same as Baconated coffee.
  • Baconated strawberry – Bad.
  • Baconated peanuts - Very good
  • Baconated chocolate – Bad.
  • Baconated mince pie (Christmas) - Devil’s underpants
  • Baconated corn fritters (2nd test) - Really good.
  • Baconated bacon - Not as good as you might expect, but still good. Next time will just cook more bacon.

*All credit must go to Phil for the title of this entry

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