Monday, 15 October 2007

*Spoiler alert* allows you to write an email and then postdate the day of sending. So I wrote the email below and then set it to be sent to me a year later.

Dear FutureMe,

You're sitting here typing this letter when you should be doing other stuff. The board report is still waiting, Sales Guys are hounding you for formatting jobs and the Sales conference is 8 days away. You better be in a position you're enjoying and not just going through the daily grind like you are at the moment. You're coming up to the first anniversary of the marriage to the Wonderful Roo so if you haven't already, you need to move your butt and organise something kickass for that. Your hair should be very Orlando Bloom by now; if not why did you wimp out you wus. After making Roo happy the centre of your life should be writing. 'History' should be well on its way by now. If not, why not? Its the thing you enjoy the most and (B) it'll get you closer to a life you love. Remember in 5th year how you used to say to Roo - "Today is the best day of my life" - Well, that is what you should be striving for

If some of this has not happened this year, it's okay. Take deep cleansing breaths, look up at the ceiling and count to ten. Re-read the list and see if it still matters. Remember that you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Then start over and make things better. You can do so many things. Start it all by having an incredible summer.

Walk on, walk tall,

This arrived on the 8th of October 2006. It’s taken me just over a year longer than planned but today I started a new job I’m fairly sure I will enjoy. I organised something fairly great for our one-year anniversary (still need to finish planning our second anniversary) and my hair is (after a couple of false starts) getting Bloom-tastic. The part that still seems a way off is History – the working title of a thing I’m writing - but I’m hoping that finding the energy to write (and winning the war of art) will be easier with work less of a grind.

I still can’t quite go to sleep at night saying “I’ve never been happier” but I’m not far off. I feel like I’ve got the big things right (job, hair and relationship) so now I just need to fix the small bits (nasal hair, my lawn mowing technique, finding a decent muffin recipe…) because, every now-and-then, at the back of my mind I hear Tyler muttering, “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

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