Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Flamemaster G. - the destroyer of spoons

I think I must have had a bad experience with a teaspoon when I was a child (with therapy maybe I’ll write about it in “Thinks I did as a kid #52”). I did cookery for two years at school so I’ve had the need to keep a tidy workspace drilled into me. Before the classes, making a broccoli soufflé would leave the kitchen looking like the scene of a vegan liberation front insurgent uprising.

And yet, for some reason I have a compulsion to use as many teaspoons as possible. I’m not sure how I use them up. Just yesterday I managed to use three making a lasagne. I know I used one in the mustard for the white sauce but the other two? As far as I’m concerned the other two sprouted legs and jumped in the sauce themselves.

So consider this a warning should I ever go Iron Chef in your house: hide your spoons.

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Thanks for writing this.