Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Even the Stinking Rich Need Somewhere to Swim

You win the lottery, have a rich uncle who dies, pull off a full-proof bank job… whatever. Suddenly you’re richer than Google and you want to keep an eye on your money. I say, convert all of your dough into the lowest denomination coins you can, build yourself a huge swimming pool and fill it with the afore mentioned coins.

All your problems are solved in one fell swoop:

- You always know where your loot is
- It’s a nice icebreaker anytime you invite people over to your house for the first time, “Why don’t we take our drinks by the money-pool?”
- There’s no-way that anyone can steal your money because the most they can make away with is a couple of handfuls and if they tried to go large scale (like brining in earth movers and a dump truck) they’d totally be seen before they can make off with your stash.
- You can swim in your money like Scrooge McDuck. Who hasn’t wanted to try that one out?

Note – why haven’t I noticed how funny “dump truck” is before now?

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