Monday, 12 March 2007

“Previously on Reality Splinter…”

So, yes, I’m now in Wellington. For those of you who missed a couple of episodes here’s the short version: Robyn doing PhD at Victoria University (it’s in Wellington, New Zealand not the Australian state just to make it more complicated than it needs to be), me arrived last Friday and continuing with Melbourne job but from here.

And it’s great. Wellington feels like home. Melbourne, for all it’s fine coffee and flying mammals, never did. Also, Robyn is now on her path to becoming a clinical psychologist and I find it wonderful listening to her so full of enthusiasm for her day when we talk in the evening. There were mishaps and stories that fell out of the move but I’ll cover those in later posts. Mainly this entry is to reassure everyone that the move went okay and normal service will shortly resume. Partly, it’s to announce the resumption of a daily posting schedule (if Hagrid can do it from the middle of an African game park surely I can as well) and a little bit of the motivation behind it is to show off and say, “Look at the view from my front door!”

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