Monday, 1 January 2007

Don’t worry if you don’t get the ending Roo, it’s a Muppet Show pun

I’ve been up for just over an hour of ‘007 (how long until the Bond reference gets old?) and I’m yet to find any faults but I don’t advise throwing away your receipts until at least mid-April.

I wanted to kick-off with a deep and meaningful on the nature of love and destiny but to tell you the truth the mojo just wasn’t flowing this morning and so instead I’ve found myself writing an unoriginal ‘Year in Review’. Before I roll the list I’d like to mention that I made the same New Year’s resolution last night as I have the last three – write more. I think that’ll continue to be my goal until someone starts paying me to chuck words on the page and maybe even beyond that.

The list below is a catalogue of favourites from the past 365 days. Not necessarily a ‘Best of…’ (for instance The Departed isn’t there but I think very highly of the film) but more a quick reminder of things that got me a bit excited.

Little Miss Sunshine – The little movie that could. Steve Carell alone was a wonder to behold but then you put the other actors up there and the whole thing just sang.
Star Wars Lego – I didn’t play many video games this year past but SWL hit all the right buttons.
Pattern Recognition Altered Carbon – A fantastic pulp (I use pulp here without any negative connotations), hard sci-fi novel with a solid plot and a well constructed universe.
Heroes – Brought the fun back into ? TV and picked up the ball Lost dropped somewhere after the hatch was opened.
Brick – The best cinematic noir since LA Confidential.
Studio 60 – Certainly not perfect but I’ll take Sorkin running at 90% over anything else on TV.
Fell – Warren Ellis created a new format and in doing so distilled the beauty of comics down to its raw spirit. Fell is a hell of a ride but then most anything Ellis puts out there is genius.
Gomez – Saw them live for the second time and they did not disappoint. They are just having so much fun with the music and the more I listen to How We Operate the more I have to admit that Phil was right and it is a great Gomez album.
Walk the Line – The chemistry between Greasy Reese and Mr Phoenix was a joy to behold.
Jim Noir – Stood up after Damon Gough fell down and brought some much needed whimsy back to the party.
Fragile ThingsAnasi Boys was fun but with Fragile Things Neil Gaiman restored my belief in the short story.
Arctic Monkeys – Strictly speaking I first heard them in ‘005 but my admiration for these hard little nuts from the north continues to grow.
The Ricky Gervais Show – Apart from helping to keep me sain on the way to work, this podcast shows the potential the medium has to bring back the popularity of the radio play and lets not forget the wonder that is Karl Pilkington.

Tune in tomorrow when you’ll hear Dr. G say, "Where’d all the cake go?"
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