Thursday, 9 November 2006

At least Three’s Company had the sense to call it a day after seven years

The term Jumped the Shark is used to describe a piece of pop culture that is past its use-by date. At first it applied only to television shows as the episode that had the Fonze (on water-skis) jumping over a shark is usually pinpointed as the moment when Happy Days started to go down hill (I’m amazed that the term isn’t The Moment Joanie Stepped on Screen, but that’s just me).

It’s a useful idiom that one customize to many situations; Tom Cruise (Jumped the Couch), The Sopranos (Jumped the Gun) and even your aunt’s annoying spaniel (Humped the Bark). However, if anyone has jumped the proverbial shark it has to be the American Republican party.

At the time of writing, the GOP has lost the House and are within spitting distance of losing the Senate as well. And yet they are using phrases like "the headwind was just very, very strong this year” and "This just was a little too steep of a mountain to climb." No, you lost because the Monkey-Boy you have as president has finally got the country into such a bad place that the populace has decided, “Enough!” Unfortunately, they can’t easily get rid of him so instead they’re taking it out on you.

Now if only instead of jumping the shark, Bush just rode straight into it. I think a lot of people would tune in to see that and that’s about all that the Republicans can hope for if they are to save their show from cancellation in two years time.

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