Monday, 24 July 2006

The problem with comics

I remember reading a comic when I was little (not sure when exactly but definitely younger than ten) that had a story about the Beagle Boys breaking out of prison but the Moon was so bright that they almost got caught. It all gets a bit hazy at this point but for some reason they decide to get back at the Moon by blacking it out, thus making any future night time heists more likely to succeed. They some how jump-started a rocket, landed on the moon and then proceed to colour the lunar surface with black paint. I don’t know how it ended but I’m sure Scrooge McDuck turned up, foiled their plan and made some quip about how they should "Look on the BRIGHT side!".

Ignoring the whole viscosity of house paint in the frozen waste of space issue, the point is that I grew up reading about scenarios where best practice was to dye Tranquility Base rather than, oh, I don’t know, cutting the alarm system or drugging the guards. No wonder my decision-making is a bit flawed at times.

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