Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Like us but special

Another post with it’s origins in football I’m afraid.

During the England-Trinidad & Tobago match, there was a shot of Prince William and Franz Beckenbauer sitting next to each other. They were conversing like a pair of old family friends and I got to wondering how close the two countries would be (politically) if it hadn’t been for the dustup in '39? The aristocracies of the countries are more interbred than a than a rose garden and there are a lot of traits that the national stereotypes have in common – patriotic, hard working and both fond of their beer. Even the competition between Blighty and Deutschland is something a kin to sibling rivalry:
“Michael Schumacher ist dieser uber driver nach Jenson Button”

“Yeah, well we beat you in the football 5-1 last time we played.”

“Ja, but ve have knocked you out of more FIFA World Cups.”

“We beat you in 1966 and in Two World Wars!”

“Scheiße! Why must you always mention the war?”

But then there are the unique traits that we use to describe their psyche - methodical, emotionless, lacking a sense of humour. Take that into account and does that make Germany our autistic Brother?

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