Wednesday, 17 May 2006

In which our hero puts his Geek proudly on display for all to see

I’ve been reading a series of OEL graphic novels by a Canadian creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley. They are a really smart combination of romance, action and pop culture drawn in a post-Manga style with dialogue straight from an episode of Spaced. Just really different and fun to read.

The third volume (Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness) is out this Thursday so I checked the book’s site and found that the first 100 people to order it direct from him get a signed copy with a sketch of one of the characters in the front. I was number #68 and after a couple of emails back and forth (with Mr Lee O'Malley himself no less) it seems that I’ll be getting a copy.

Pre-internet that wouldn’t have been possible without lengthy drawn out postal communication and even then it was unlikely as who would give out their address to a bunch of Fan-Boys.

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