Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Come to think of it, my brain has been feeling a little scratchy

I’ve been getting this weird kind of hay fever the last couple of weeks, where my left eye is a little bit itchy and my nose runs just enough to piss me off. It’s not really been bad enough to take my regular brand of Make-eye-no-itch-ozyl so I’ve been trying to ignore it. Of course my previously documented over-imaginative internal doctor decided I must have an eye parasite that’s going to eat through my optic nerve before the months out so I took anti-histamine to shut him up and it got better. Maybe my stoopid immune system was tricked into submission my the wonders of modern chemistry or perhaps the bug living in my ocular cavity has decided my retina just isn’t that tasty and has chosen to move up in the world and dine on my temporal lobe. If I go all Phineas Gage around July you’ll know why.

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