Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Zoned out

I’ll be down to the last chapter of a book and the tram will pull up at my stop. The movie will just be getting to the big reveal and the phone will ring. I’ll finally be about to find out what the hell they are doing on that stoopid polar bear infested island and the fuse will trip leaving me in darkness, swearing at the set. Time and time again my crazy knack of getting interrupted at the worst possible moment will rear its head as I’m devouring some kind of pop culture.

Its probably just that I spend more time reading and watching TV than the average bear and it only seems like I get more than my fair share of interruptions but that doesn’t stop it from being a fingernail in the soup of my existence. Its not that I get left in the dark because I do get to finish what I’m doing; I’ll get to the conclusion of the book after work, I hit play once the telemarketer gets off the phone, I’ll watch the last 5 minutes when they collect the season on DVD. But when I do get to end I’ve lost my groove. I’m not in the same headspace I was at. Half the reason I enjoy reading good books and watching inspired TV is because I get sucked into the world they create. I block most everything else out and just exist in the splinter of reality (sic) that the medium has created. I get into what they call ‘the Zone’ in sports and when something jerks me out, its like a baseball bat across the shins. I’m not saying I want to live in an “imaginary make-believe world” but I do feel lucky that once in a while I find something that allows me to visit.

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