Friday, 14 April 2006

Came A Good Friday

Robyn’s parents were supposed to fly in from New Zealand at 8am this morning but have been delayed and will now only get here at about eight tonight. With the change of plans, Robs and I decided approach today in a laid back manner. We went out for a brunch (at a café that did a great strong latté without making it bitter) and then we wanted to go and see a movie. While waiting for my cooked breakfast to arrive I flicked through the paper to see what was showing at the local multiplex and discovered that nothing was on.

  • Ice Age 2:A sub-par sequel to a sub-par animated film. I refuse to sit through another 90 minutes of Ray Romano doing his grumpy mammoth voice.
  • She’s the Man: Just because Gwyneth won an Oscar for cross-dressing doesn’t make this an acceptable premise for a film.
  • Failure to Launch: Matthew McConaughey’s parents want him to move away from home so they hire the Sex in the City lady to help them. Hilarity ensues.
  • Scary Movie 4: We didn’t want the first three, why would we want the fourth?
  • March of the Penguins: Apparently it takes Morgan Freeman to get people interested in natural history.

OK, so there were movies showing but nothing worth $14 and two hours of my time. Instead we went to the Nova (the art house-ish cinema near when we used to live) and saw The Squid and the Whale. It was a really good yarn about a family in New York in the early 80s going through a separation. Think Tenenbaums meets The Ice Storm without Frodo fooling around with Wednesday Adams.

We’re back home now and it is raining outside so we’ve got the heating on. Robs is taking a nap upstairs and I’m going to play computer games for the next couple of hours. It nice to take a load off and do nothing for a couple of hours as long as I don’t have to listen Ray Romano bitching about how cold everything is.

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